about Nancy


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Nancy Dale is a clinical nutritionist, co-founder of Diet Typing Systems, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, yoga practitioner and Certified Chef.  Nancy specializes in permanent lifestyle changes through her programs. “We become what we eat.”  She has developed individual programs based upon Diet Typing along with any health challenges that might be present.  This information is used to develop customized plans to include the proper portions and types of food along with exercise and stress reduction so that you can heal your health condition and if needed lose 1-3 pounds per week until you reach your goal.  Once you reach your health goal we create a maintenance program so that you can permanently stay healthy for life.

She has also created over sixty cookbooks for Diet Typing Systems which help you to learn what to eat.

Nancy teaches how to live in the 21st Century healthy. “Eat to live, not live to Eat.”  She is available for consultations, lectures, corporate wellness programs and individual programs and can be reached at her two locations in Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Maria.

For more information about her programs or to contact her: nancy.dale@gmail.com  or phone her at 805-688-3561.

Individualized learning about how to have a successful Diet Typing practice.