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Call to make an appointment with Nancy Dale to go over your health concerns and get the information to do the Diet Typing Test. If you live outside Santa Barbara County, consultations are available via Skype or phone. These methods can also be used in the 8-week program to ensure accountability. After you take the Diet Typing Test, Nancy will create your unique individual plan based on the results of the test and your lifestyle as follows:

•  Find the right percentages of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates it takes to normalize your weight while eliminating any cravings

•  Create a personal fitness program based on heart rate and desired results

•  Meet once a week for eight weeks to fine tune the program. Afterward, you may continue until you reach goal weight.

•  Create a customized supplement program if needed.

Each week you will meet with Nancy to discuss the best ways for you to succeed in your program. You may also come back periodically for following-up testing to monitor your progress and chart your success with your program! Check out the success of so many others on the testimonials page.


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