“Four weeks ago, I was basically eating everything out of a carton, box or bag.  My breakfasts consisted of coffee creamer and sweetenerwith my coffee. Lunches and dinners were never planned, and most often, gotten through a drive thru window. I didnt enjoy cooking at all, and rarely cooked for my husband and I.  The sole focus of my eating was convenience.  I knew that what I was doing was not healthy and that it was time for a change. So, my husband and I started Nancys program.We started on a Saturday, but by the next morning, I was ready to QUIT! I felt horrible.  I had a permanent headache, nausea, and was suffering from panic attacks.  By Sunday evening, I was in uncontrollable tears.  I told my husband, I feel like a drug addict going through detox! As soon as the words came out of my mouth, it hit me! I am an addicta convenience food addictand I AM detoxing! Feeling that way scared me, and I never wanted to feel that way again.  With encouragement from Nancy, I pushed through all the discomfort and unstable emotions. By day four, I felt (literally) like a new person.  For the first time in years, I had the energy to get out of bed in the morning without hitting the snooze button ten times.  My head felt clearer.  I began to feel the urge to exercise again.  The cleaner I ate, the better I felt.  It was truly a new awakening for me.  Now, four weeks into the program, I can honestly say that I feel fantastic.  I love to come home after a long day, and cook.  I am having fun experimenting with the foods on our lists, and the recipes from Nancys cookbook.  I find myself planning days in advance for meals, so that I am never in the position of grabbing something on the go.  I have rediscovered my body and how it feels to nourish it properly.  And the bonus: The seven pounds I have lost while doing it!  Thanks Nancy!”

– A.B.

“Hi Nancy! As of this morning I’m 3 pounds away from your goal weight for me! (I reached MY goal for me a couple of weeks ago.) This last 5 is a real struggle, but I know I can do it. Thank you so much for all of your help and good advice. This year got more and more stressful as it went on, and if I wasn’t on your program I would have ballooned up bigger & bigger than ever. I had something to hang on to and I held on tight! I really have Carolyn to thank too! She could see I was getting bigger & bigger and she fronted me my half of the money to come with her to see you. (I paid her back.) She is a very kind, generous soul. It’s been great having someone to go through this with and she looks awesome. Unfortunately she can’t exercise because of her health issues, but she has lost a lot and looks fantastic! Well, just checking in. I hope your life & business is going well. Maybe you should make a dream board. I saw the directions in my Oprah magazine. I’m going to make one as soon as I’m on summer break! Two long weeks aways with many stressful things in between! I send pink bubbles your way with lots of opportunities and customers in them! You deserve to succeed! Thank you! Love, J”

“My husband and I decided to meet with Nancy after seeing successful, long-term weight loss in my sister and her husband and 2 couples they know. Not only have I lost weight but I FEEL better. I have lost 22 lbs and I have not felt hungry. When we started seeing Nancy 7 weeks ago, I wore a size 16 and was close to going up to an 18. I am now wearing a size 12 and am close to going to a size 10. I have more energy — I do a simple 30 minute exercise routine now 3 times a week (I never used to have the energy to exercise). My blood pressure has gone from 165/85 to 110/68, and most importantly, I feel good about myself. I got to buy new clothes and I love the compliments I get. Every time I see someone I have not seen in a while, they ask how I have made such a change and they ask for Nancy’s information. Thank you Nancy!”

– J.S. Santa Maria

“My wife and I attended your nutrition class last Wednesday. My wife has already contacted you about taking your 8 week program. I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and tried the no flour, sugar, cereals, milk, alcohol, franken, etc. for 5 days. My sugar count has dropped almost every day. This morning my count was 85. I don’t recall ever having this low of count. The previous three days were 99, 101, and 98. I normally average about 118. I have also lost about 3 pounds. It’s a good thing I like eggs! I am still having my morning coffee and a diet drink once a day and more water. This is a very drastic change for me. I normally have my morning cereal, toast and coffee with maybe a small donut. For lunch I usually have a sandwich with a glass of milk. I was also eating corn chips or fritos for snacks at lunch and evening. I still have my fruit, apples, blueberries etc, and small scoops of light ice cream in the evening. I mentioned at the class that my doctor suggested a glass of red wine every night and you told me it was sugar. So I have not had any wine or alcohol during the test period. Thanks for the advice and I will try to change what I eat and drink and maybe, just maybe I can beat type II diabetes and get off medications.”

– L.D.

“As an Exercise Therapist it is sometimes hard to find people of Nancy’s caliber with an open mind to the Holistic way of eating, to recommend my clients to. She is by far the best I have ever known and a fantastic human being to add to it! I send all my clients to her, and my fiancee and I both work with her. What does that tell you?”

– N.H. Henderson, NV

“I have been overweight since childhood and have tried several diets and some unsafe methods (diet pills, laxatives, vomiting) to lose weight only to gain it all back. I gained and lost weight for years. After having two babies in less than two years I gave up dieting altogether. This led to my all time highest weight and my lowest point. When my then 5 year old daughter said to me, Mama, I can’t wait to grow up and be big and soft and squishy like you, I knew I had to do something. No one wants his or her child to aspire to being morbidly obese. I have always looked for the easiest way to lose weight. Skipping meals and drinking tons of diet soda had been my staples, but it was not really working any longer. I saw my doctor and I qualified for bariatric surgery, but I was afraid. Two of my friends at work had gone to Nancy Dale and had been following the Metabolic Typing Program with much success. I decided to try it as my last hope before opting for surgery. Well, it worked for me too. Most of the credit goes to Nancy’s encouraging, honest, and knowledgeable sessions that have kept me enthusiastic. In addition, one of the biggest reasons for my success has been how easy it is. My life with food has become so much simpler. I eat three meals a day knowing exactly what foods are best for me and feeling completely satisfied. I don’t waste time worrying about what to fix, or reading and interpreting a bunch of labels. I eat fresh, healthy, whole foods as much as possible. My fridge and cupboards are stocked with foods that are good for me, so I can’t go wrong. I follow Nancy’s recipes and feed my entire family with healthy meals. They love them. I do not make separate meals, which really makes my life easier. I am losing weight steadily and feel so much better! No migraines, vertigo, edema, heart palpitations, and general aches and pains. I am grateful to Nancy, as I am sure she has saved my life and that of my family.

This is not another diet for me, but a complete change in the way I look at food and my health. I can see myself following this way of life for the rest of my life. I cannot really put into words how thankful I am to Nancy.”

– N.R.

“I was feeling awful because I had insomnia every night. My nurse practitioner prescribed Lunesta. I took Lunesta to sleep every night, but after taking it for a couple of months I was only getting 2 hours of sleep. In addition, although I exercised regularly, I could not lose weight. I felt awful! My nurse practitioner referred me to Nancy Dale. I was eating what I thought was a very healthy diet. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, pasta, sweet potatoes, beans and some meats. I also ate bread, cookies and crackers. They were whole grain so I thought they were good for me. They were not. I took Nancy’s Metabolic Typing test and I found out that I was a mixed type so I needed more protein than I was eating and some GOOD carbohydrates. I started Nancy’s program, She told me I could not eat sugar or gluten. I was addicted to Nancy’s program, I started feeling better. I got off Lunesta. I am sleeping better and I have a lot of energy. The food I eat is delicious. I love Nancy’s recipes! She taught me how to eat right. The added side effect and benefit is that I lost thirty pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 4. Thank you Nancy for giving me back my life!!! it has been 2 years now that I have been following my new way of eating for life and I feel great!!

– M.M

“I was 59 years old in mid-2007 when I went to see Nancy Dale. I did regular exercise and was in good health when I developed an enlarged prostate. I was getting up 3 and sometimes 4 times a night to urinate. My doctor had prescribed Avodart for the enlarged prostate. I took it for about 75 days and it did not help the prostate problem much but it did cause one major side effect. I could no longer ejaculate during sexual intercourse. I could get an erection, but that was all. I went to Nancy Dale for help. I told her I did not want to take Avodart anymore and she suggested I take saw palmetto. She also said no coffee and cut way back on sugar. In a few weeks, I only got up to urinate one time per night and sometimes now I can sleep for seven or eight hours without interruption. The ejaculation problem continued for a few more months and then once again I could ejaculate during sexual intercourse. What a relief! I thank Nancy Dale for solving one minor problem and solving one major problem for me. I recommend Nancy to any man with similar health issues.”

– T.M.

“I had tried many diets and lost a bit and gained back more. I read articles about nutrition and was eating a non-fat, cereal in the morning, fresh fruit regimen and was cutting way back on my meat consumption. If a new food was claimed to have powerful health benefits, Id eat it. I began exercising five days a week, but lost no weight and I was tired all of the time. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had to wear a device every night to keep from snoring. I knew the problem was aggravated and maybe caused by fat, and I dearly wanted to be rid of that device, but no eating plan I tried produced weight loss. I finally gave up and figured that it was part of aging to slow down and be tired and gain weight. I was resigned to be a chunky grandma.

Then my daughter told me about Nancy Dale. She had been battling weight for most of her life and she and her husband went to Nancy and the weight began falling off of my daughter. She said, Mom, you should see her. I did and the results have been miraculous. With her metabolic typing, Nancy designed an eating plan that is right for my body and the weight loss has been steady and relatively easy. It turned out the foods I had been eating might be fine for some people, but they were all wrong for my metabolism. So far Ive lost four pant sizes and am having fun buying new clothes. I am still following the plan and I will for life, not just for weight loss, but for health. I feel full when I eat the correct foods and I do this with no artificial sweeteners, pre-packaged foods, or fake foods. I eat natural (preferably organic) whole foods and I feel great. My energy has soared, my sleep apnea is gone, I am looking sexier, and I am no longer doomed to be a chunky grandma. Thanks, Nancy.”

– N.S.

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